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Court of Appeals Upholds California Shark Fin Ban

Big news! Sharks will continue to receive protection under California state law. The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals just released an opinion upholding...
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EU loophole allows precious shark fins to be smuggled into the UK

It’s pretty scary to know that this is a major way that restaurants are obtaining shark fins for the menus. There is simply no other foodstuff on the list of...
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Shark Fin Trade Now Extinct in Texas!

More great news from Texas!  We recently reported on our blog from June 1st that the proposed shark fin ban flew through the Texas Senate with an overwhelming 24-7 vote...
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Shark Fin Ban likely in Texas

Great news on the political front in Texas.  The shark fin bill, #HB1579 flew through the Senate with a 27 – 4 vote, according to a Texas newspaper.  The bill was...
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Philippines may put an end to Shark Fin Soup

MANILA, Philippines — Shark fin soup and other dishes from sharks and rays may soon disappear from the menu in restaurants and banquets if a bill pending at the...