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Have you ever thought about going shark diving?  Shark Diving can be one of the most thrilling experiences people have underwater.  Bahamas Shark Diving offers some of the greatest up close encounters with key shark species.

Epic Diving offers dedicated Bahamas shark diving expeditions with a number of key shark species. From the ubiquitous reef shark, the larger-than-life tiger shark, to the ultra rare oceanic whitetip shark and great hammerhead shark, these trips offer nonstop heart-pounding excitement.

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M/V Thresher

Our dive boat, M/V Thresher, moves between islands for the best shark diving encounters with the different species during their peak seasons.

Shark Diving Seasons

Our Bahamas Shark Diving starts off the year in Bimini where divers have the opportunity to dive with the Great Hammerhead sharks, a rare and generally shy species. In addition to shark diving with hammerheads, divers will often encounter bull sharks and nurse sharks.  There are also locations to find stingray and dolphin.

In March, Thresher moves to Cat Island for more Bahamas Shark Diving. The area is now world renowned for it’s incredible Oceanic Whitetip Shark diving. While diving with this pelagic shark species, guests will often see silky sharks and dusky sharks, with possible blue marlin encounters.  Drifting in the deep blue water always offers surprises.  Blue sharks, mobula rays, tiger sharks and great hammerheads are all possible encounters.  During the summer months, we return to Bimini for our Wild Dolphin Expeditions.  Here, guests will encounter Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphin.

Epic Diving spends the remainder of the year on the West End of Grand Bahama Island at the world famous Tiger Beach Bahamas.  Diving with tiger sharks, reef sharks, and lemon sharks are the norm.  There are also chances to see great hammerhead sharks and bull sharks.  These encounters continue to get better year after year!  There’s a good chance you’ll see up to 6 species of sharks on a single dive at Tiger Beach.

All of our shark diving is done in clear, warm water.  Dive depths range from 20 feet up to 50 – 60 feet on some of the deeper reefs.  We generally expect good visibility on our Bahamas Shark Diving expeditions.  The water temperatures range from 76 degrees F to 82 degrees F.  So contact Epic Diving today, plan your next shark diving trip, pack your gear and join us for some amazing underwater encounters.

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