epic tiger shark diving expeditions

Tiger Beach is not only world renowned for its clear, calm water but is a premier shark diving destination in the world. The opportunity for guests to get up close to the sharks and fully immersed in their environment is unbeatable!

During your course, you’ll be guided by our experts in shark behavior! They’ll share their years of experience and countless hours observing these specific sharks in their environment. During the private course, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and interact with the sharks, not only gaining an understanding of tiger sharks as a species, but also learning their personalities, moods, and dispositions as individual animals. Many of the tiger sharks that visit the are have been around for over a decade and the crew is intimately familiar with their behavior.

Aside from the behavioral and interaction component, the course will also go over shark ecology. You will learn about shark biology, evolution and their impact on each other and their environment.

For divers that have an interest in learning more about these incredible animals as well as having the opportunity to experience them in a way simply not possible on a standard tour, the Tiger Shark Behavior and Interaction course is an amazing opportunity!

Key components covered in our shark specialty course:

Shark Biology and Behavior: Divers will learn about different shark species, their anatomy, physiology, and behavior. Understanding how sharks behave in their natural environment is essential for safe interactions.

Conservation and Environmental Awareness: The course includes discussions about the importance of shark conservation and the challenges sharks face due to factors such as overfishing and habitat degradation. Divers are educated on how to be responsible divers and advocates for shark protection.

Dive Planning and Safety Protocols: Diving with sharks requires careful planning and adherence to safety protocols. Divers will learn about proper dive planning, communication, and emergency procedures specific to shark encounters.

Shark Feeding and Baiting: The course will emphasize responsible practices and the potential impacts on shark behavior and the marine ecosystem. You’ll gain an understanding of how and why we use attractants to create safe, reliable shark dives.

Underwater Photography and Videography: As shark encounters can be awe-inspiring, our shark specialty courses include tips and techniques for underwater photography and videography. This allows divers to capture and share their experiences responsibly.

Our shark specialty course are not just about diving with sharks for thrill-seeking purposes; it emphasizes responsible and respectful interactions with these animals. The goal is to promote shark conservation and education while providing divers with the unique opportunity to observe these fascinating creatures up close in their natural habitat.

Interested in the Course?

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