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Tiger Shark Teeth – Unique Among Sharks

Tiger shark teeth are indeed unique among sharks, primarily due to their specialized structure and function. There are a few […]

Most Dangerous Sharks

Sharks are fascinating creatures, but some species are considered more dangerous than others due to their size, behavior, and predatory […]
tiger shark feeding

Tiger Shark Behavior

Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) are known for their unique behavior and characteristics. Here are some key points about tiger shark […]
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Hammerhead Shark Evolution

The early ancestors of sharks first arrived on the scene over 450 million years ago, well before the dinosaurs. Modern […]

How Big Do Tiger Sharks Get?

Having spent countless hours in the water with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach over the past decade has been an […]
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Shark Vision: Do Sharks have Good Eyesight?

Here’s the next segment on our Shark Senses Series.  If you missed the first article, click here.  Shark vision has […]
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Shark Senses – How Do Sharks Hunt Their Prey?

Perfectly evolved over 500 million years and surviving 5 mass extinction events, sharks are true super predators. So how do […]
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Ultimate Shark Encounter: Megamouth

What’s your ultimate shark encounter?  Was it seeing a massive Great White shark?  Perhaps a Great Hammerhead cruising in the […]
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Great White Sharks fail in aquarium captivity

Take a look at this brief but interesting look at the history of Great White Sharks in captivity. We believe […]

Endangered Oceans: Smalltooth Sawfish

The smalltooth sawfish is one of the most unique shark species found in warm tropical waters. It has been on […]