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Where have all the Great Hammerheads Gone?

The Great Hammerheads of the Bahamas have been a serious draw for shark enthusiasts for nearly a decade. These traditionally […]

Tiger Shark Teeth – Unique Among Sharks

Tiger shark teeth are indeed unique among sharks, primarily due to their specialized structure and function. There are a few […]
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Tiger Beach Bahamas – Where is the best Shark Dive on Earth

Tiger Beach Bahamas was discovered in the early 2000s as a reliable location to find large female tiger sharks. The […]

Shark Diving Season: 2023 Tiger Beach Review

We love data! Here’s some information about our 2023 shark diving season at Tiger Beach, between early February and the […]
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Shark Feeding Controversy

Shark feeding, like most issues, is not simply black and white. And, like most issues, we hear some extremes on […]
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Shark Feeding Ban Proposed for Florida Keys

In the most recent version of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Restoration Blueprint, NOAA has proposed a shark feeding […]
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Shark Diving for Beginners: 6 Need-to-Know Safety Tips

Shark diving is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with sharks to appreciate their beauty. […]
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Tiger Beach Dive Experience: Why One Day is not Enough

We’re really proud to be able to introduce divers to the tiger sharks at Tiger Beach. It’s an amazing experience […]
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Tiger Beach Bahamas – Diving in the Peak Season

To say this season has been one of the best yet is a bit of an understatement. Tiger Beach has […]
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Day Trips to Tiger Beach Bahamas: Shark Diving Experience

We are often asked if we offer day trips to tiger beach. The answer is yes! In fact, all we […]