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Shark Photography Workshop

Dates: April 21 -26, 2025

Epic Diving and Tanner Underwater are teaming up again for a special trip to what many consider the most epic place on the planet to swim with sharks: Tiger Beach, Bahamas. Each morning we will head offshore to explore the most diverse and action packed shark diving the ocean has to offer. We will execute 2 dives per day, 4 days of diving and a 5 night stay to get you up close and personal to large Tiger sharks, as well as Lemon sharks, Nurse sharks, Reef sharks, and potentially Great Hammerhead sharks among others. Our trip will cover accommodation, diving, and photography workshops by Tanner Mansell.

tanner underwater photographer

Tanner Mansell

My love for the ocean began with early childhood experiences freediving for abalone with my dad off the coast of Fort Bragg, California. This sparked my curiosity for exploring the ocean as early as the age of 7 and I can still remember the accomplishment of holding my breath long enough to pluck my first ever abalone. My dad was a scuba instructor for many years and his stories about shark encounters stuck with me my whole life. Since then, I found a true passion in underwater photography/videography and I believe it is the one thing I could be truly happy doing for the rest of my life. Nothing else has ever felt quite the same.

4 Dive Days – On April 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th, we will depart our host hotel for a full day of diving. We will do 2 long dives per day, occasionally changing locations around the reef, and sandy bottom of the ocean floor. After dive days, we will meet at the marina, or on the boat for photography workshops. Underwater photographer Tanner Mansell will guide editing workshops and be of service to anybody who has questions about underwater photography. We will offload footage and provide tips and tricks on how to best enhance images across the group.

Last Dive day – The night of April 25th, we will do a small photo contest on the boat. The winner will get a print of their image on glossy aluminum metal shipped to their home. We will also have a farewell celebration and our captain will make us his homemade conch salad and we will enjoy wine and cheese.

You can view the hotel accommodations & condo layout here.

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