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Tiger Shark Attack on Hammerhead Shark

It’s always tough to watch a shark struggle on a fishing line. But this video gives an interesting underwater look at a Tiger Shark attacking a hammerhead caught on a fishing line. This happened in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the fisherman, the tiger shark showed up only minutes after the hammerhead was hooked.

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tiger shark attack

Tiger sharks are certainly top predators. They certainly prefer an easy meal and so a struggling shark on a fishing line is a great opportunity. Tiger sharks have a reputation of being the garbage cleaners of the ocean because they are known to eat just about anything. This goes to their large size, bold nature, and willingness to investigate any feeding opportunity that comes their way. Tiger shark attack on people do happen from time to time, but usually related to a person in the water unaware of the sharks presence.

So how do we safely dive in the presence of one of the sharks considered to be the most dangerous? And without the safety of a cage? It’s actually pretty simple. Sharks are not “mindless” and do not attack indiscriminately. Observing sharks in the wild allows divers to get a first hand look at their behavior, and their decision making. They are constantly sizing up the situation and evaluating their environment for feeding opportunities. The key is being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to the safety briefing, and never making yourself seem like a good opportunity for them.

Tiger Beach Bahamas

Tiger Beach is the best place on earth to dive with Tiger sharks. Calm, clear water, shallow dive sites, and loads of sharks make this dive site one of the best shark dives on earth!

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