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Update: Longfin Mako Transmits Surprising Data

longfin mako shark

Find out what happened to the elusive longfin mako shark tagged in ‘Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba’.

During Discovery Channel’s 2015 Shark Week, we saw a longfin mako tagged during the show Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba.  It was a chance encounter captured on film by our friend, Andy Casagrande.  It was an exciting moment for shark research, as there is little to no information on this elusive species.  We watched with excitement and were hoping to hear what the data revealed.  Well, here it is!

The shark made a 5,500 mile journey in just 5 months.  From Cuba, the shark traveled north through the Gulf of Mexico, around the coast of Florida and up the northern seaboard all the way to New Jersey!  The shark then headed back south and the tag finally popped off, as programed, about 125 miles of the coast of Virginia.

“The amazing thing is this longfin mako’s tag popped up in nearly the same exact location as another one we tagged in the northeastern portion of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico a few years ago,” explains Associate Researcher with Mote Marine Laboratory John Tyminski.

According to researchers, the other longfin mako shark (also a mature male) followed a nearly identical route.  The animal was tagged in the Gulf in April/May, moved through the straights of Florida, and the tag eventually popped off in a similar area in the month of July.

The specialized tag also recorded the shark’s diving patterns.  The animal reached a maximum depth of over a mile beneath the surface, experiencing close to freezing temperatures!  However, it spent most of the time above 500 meters, or 1,640 feet deep.

There will be an updated version of the show on Discovery Channel at 7 p.m. on August 30, during the network’s Shweekend.

Source: Update: Longfin Mako Tagged in ‘Tiburones’ Transmits Surprising Data

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Discovery Channel 25th Anniversary Shark Week


pic Diving was thrilled to be involved with the production of How Jaws Changed the World, featured on the Discovery Channel during their 25th anniversary of Shark Week. The show aired on August 14th, and was an analysis of the movie Jaws and its influence of the pop culture mythology that surrounds sharks.

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Epic Diving brings in the Oceanic Whitetips for Discovery Channel’s 25th Anniversary of Shark Week

During the film, Quint talks about the hours that followed the WW II sinking of the USS Indianapolis. As a fictional survivor of the sinking, Quint spends his next hours in the shark infested waters. It has become one of the films most classic and powerful scenes.

While history supports the fact that many of the sailors were consumed by sharks, it is believed that these victims had first succumb to exposure and dehydration before the sharks fed. Oceanic Whitetip Sharks have been notoriously blamed for the manslaughter.  Read more about the USS Indianapolis in our blog.

Film Crew wraps shooting on Cat Island

Film Crew wraps shooting on Cat Island