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vincent canabal owner epic diving
Vincent Canabal, MD

Vincent Canabal is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician and continues to work clinical shifts during the diving off-season. He holds a 100 ton masters license from the United Sates Coast Guard as well as a Class A Boat Master’s License in the Bahamas. He volunteers at the Shark Research Institute where he also serves on the Global Shark Accident File. Vince began diving and filming sharks at the age of 14. Since he went on his first shark dive his passion for sharks has taken him around the globe. Vincent owns and operates Epic Diving, a company that believes in conservation minded shark tourism and focuses on photography and videography expeditions. He feels it is important to change people’s perception of sharks and these encounters, and the images that come from them, offer a different perspective and appreciation for sharks.

Deb Canabal owner epic diving
Debra Canabal, PhD

Debra Canabal earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Science with a concentration in neuroscience at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. During graduate school, she went on her first shark dive in the Bay Islands of Honduras and immediately developed a passion and love for sharks. She began to focus her efforts on their preservation and joined Shark Research Institute as Director of Development. In 2010 Debra started Epic Diving which uses ecotourism as a platform to aid in the protection of sharks. She does outreach in the local communities and schools. In addition she has also started a scholarship program at Epic Diving which grants senior high school students a full tuition scholarship to the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute in Nassau. Debra believes ecotourism, research, awareness and education will lead to the conservation of sharks, and hopes to inspire a new outlook on sharks and the need for their protection.

felicia from epic diving
Felicia Moody
Office Manager

Felicia works full time as a high school educator in New Jersey. She also manages the office while the crew is out diving, handling everything from customer service to social media. If you’ve contacted Epic Diving recently, chances are you gotten a response from Felicia.