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shark diving legislation

Bill in Congress to Ban Baited Shark Dives

You can read the full details in the bill in the red box below, but here are the main points related to shark diving: “it is unlawful for any person— to engage in shark...
shark attacks reunion island

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks

Read about 2016 Shark Attack Rates
tiger shark attack

Tiger Shark: National Geographic Expedition

Make sure you take a look at the tiger shark article in the June 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine.  We were excited to work with Brian Skerry and Glenn Hodges...
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15 seriously useful cheat sheets for every photographer

Here’s a neat set of 15 photography cheat sheets we found from the folks over at brightside.me. Have a look and feel free to post your thoughts/comments below....
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Don’t bite the hand that feeds

The team and UM published an article in March 2012 called Don’t bite the hand that feeds: assessing ecological impacts of provisioning ecotourism on an apex marine...
dead tiger shark

BNT Speaks out against the Needless Killing of Sharks

From The Bahamas National Trust: The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) has been made aware of the killing of a mature tiger shark in the Exuma Cays in early March. The BNT...
Lion fish envenomation

Lionfish Stings – Treating | iDive Blog

Here’s a great list of recommendations for dealing with a lionfish sting. As the invasive species continues to flourish in the Caribbean, diver’s are finding...
preventing seasickness

Simple Tips for Preventing Seasickness (DAN)

Motion sickness is a sure-fire way to put a damper on an otherwise great day. Once it starts, it’s really difficult to break the cycle and you’re often left...
strong currents at tiger beach

Tiger Beach Bahamas: When Currents Rip

Occasionally, the currents at Tiger Beach Bahamas can get pretty strong.  We try to plan our dives when the current is mild, but conditions have been known to change in a...