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Great White Sharks: In captivity

Take a look at this brief but interesting look at the history of Great White Sharks in captivity. Consult the aquarium guide to enjoy quality-oriented aquarium information and techniques. We believe strongly that putting people face to face with live animals like this is very...
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Rescued great white shark returns to Cape Cod waters

The juvenile great white shark, which was named Jamison, became stranded on the sands of a Chatham beach on July 13, 2015 Source: Rescued great white shark returns to Cape Cod waters – CBS News
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Viral photos of decapitated shark prompt state investigation

Authorities are seeking any information that can help lead them to the people who committed this crime. Although this was initially reported to have occurred at Newport Beach pier, investigators cannot be certain this image was even from California. Viral photographs o...
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1916 NJ Shark Attacks: The Aftermath

As you can imagine, news of the string of attacks sparked mass hysteria, on a national level, although it was not immediate.  After the first incident, the state fish commissioner of Pennsylvania wrote in the Philadelphia Public Ledger: After the second incident however, the news...