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Bahamas Shark Sanctuary


elebrating one year since the government of the Bahamas announced that all commercial shark fishing in the approximately 630,000 square kilometers (243,244 square miles) of the country’s waters is now prohibited, establishing a national Bahamas Shark Sanctuary.

bahamas shark sanctuary

Sharks are now protected against commercial fishing in all the waters surrounding the Bahamas.

The Bahamas National Shark Sanctuary permanently protects more than 40 shark species in Bahamian waters.

bnt bahamas national trust bahamas shark sanctuary

Epic Diving participates in town hall meeting with the Bahamas National Trust

shark conservation bahamas shark sanctuary

Locals on Cat Island sign the petition to help establish the Bahamas National Sanctuary

Read more about the sanctuary on PEW’s website.

Thanks again to all those involved in this legislation!

Bahamas Shark Sanctuary