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New Study examines the effects of catch-and-release fishing on sharks

It’s well known that sport fishing for sharks represents a minor threat to their preservation when compared to the commercial […]

Rare Shark Performs “Virgin Births”—First Known in The Wild

The Smalltooth Sawfish is considered one of the world’s most endangered species! These sharks can grow to a length of […]
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New Galápagos Sanctuary Has World’s Highest Abundance of Sharks

Exciting news out of Ecuador! The Galapagos Islands will now have some protection against fishing. Upon creation of the sanctuary, […]
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SeaWorld announces end to captive orca whale breeding

Great News from SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby, President and CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment, was joined by Wayne Pacelle, President and […]
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Study says Marine Protected Areas can benefit large sharks

Dr. Hammerschlag’s lab at the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science just published new findings that […]
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Hammerhead pitstop « Save Our Seas Foundation

We recently came across this article written by Tristan Guttridge at the Bimini Biological Field Station explaining how some of […]

Removal of Sharks Has Far Reaching Impacts on the Environment

The decline of sharks will cut short our supply of seafood and affect human survival. This is a matter of […]
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Restaurants Serving Shark Fin Soup | Animal Welfare Institute

Many shark populations have faced steep declines due to years of exploitation. Their slow reproductive rates make them extremely vulnerable […]

NOAA 2015 Coastal Shark Survey

The Coastal Shark Research Survey began in 1989 and covers the waters along the east coast from Delaware to Florida. […]
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Bahamas Expands Marine Protected Areas

The Bahamas has significantly expanded its network of marine protected areas. On August 31, 2015, the Hon. Kenred Dorsett, Minister […]