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shark conservation wins

A Year of Shark-Conservation Wins

Countries around the world worked together on an unprecedented scale to prepare for implementation of new landmark shark protections that […]
state of the global market for shark products

State of the Global Market for Shark Products

A recent publication from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations provides a detailed and thorough reports of […]

Court of Appeals Upholds California Shark Fin Ban

Big news! Sharks will continue to receive protection under California state law. The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals just […]

Scientific Paper: Toxic Sharks

Back in June 2013, fisherman caught an enormous female shortfin mako shark off Huntington Beach, California.  The small group of […]

EU loophole allows precious shark fins to be smuggled into the UK

It’s pretty scary to know that this is a major way that restaurants are obtaining shark fins for the menus. There […]
tiger shark cape eleuthera study

Interesting Shark Study in the Bahamas

The Cape Eleuthera Institute’s Shark Research and Conservation program just published an interesting article detailing a single observation made in the […]

Shark Fin Trade Now Extinct in Texas!

More great news from Texas!  We recently reported on our blog from June 1st that the proposed shark fin ban […]
great hammerhead shark

Great Hammerhead Sharks: Killing for Sport

A large and very pregnant, great hammerhead shark was recently killed by a group of fisherman in Destin Florida, aboard […]
shark fin ban

Shark Fin Ban likely in Texas

Great news on the political front in Texas.  The shark fin bill, #HB1579 flew through the Senate with a 27 […]

Philippines may put an end to Shark Fin Soup

MANILA, Philippines — Shark fin soup and other dishes from sharks and rays may soon disappear from the menu in […]