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Tiger Shark Attack on Hammerhead Shark

It’s always tough to watch a shark struggle on a fishing line. But this video gives an interesting underwater look at a Tiger Shark attacking a hammerhead caught on a fishing line. This happened in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the fisherman, the tiger shark showed up only minutes after the hammerhead was hooked.

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tiger shark attack

Tiger sharks are certainly top predators. They certainly prefer an easy meal and so a struggling shark on a fishing line is a great opportunity. Tiger sharks have a reputation of being the garbage cleaners of the ocean because they are known to eat just about anything. This goes to their large size, bold nature, and willingness to investigate any feeding opportunity that comes their way. Tiger shark attack on people do happen from time to time, but usually related to a person in the water unaware of the sharks presence.

So how do we safely dive in the presence of one of the sharks considered to be the most dangerous? And without the safety of a cage? It’s actually pretty simple. Sharks are not “mindless” and do not attack indiscriminately. Observing sharks in the wild allows divers to get a first hand look at their behavior, and their decision making. They are constantly sizing up the situation and evaluating their environment for feeding opportunities. The key is being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to the safety briefing, and never making yourself seem like a good opportunity for them.

Tiger Beach Bahamas

Tiger Beach is the best place on earth to dive with Tiger sharks. Calm, clear water, shallow dive sites, and loads of sharks make this dive site one of the best shark dives on earth!

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day trips to Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach Video: Prawno Apparel & Dive Photo Guide

We had an awesome time during our combined Dive Photo Guide/Prawno Apparel trip to dive Tiger Beach and Bimini’s Great Hammerheads. The trip was not without challenges courtesy of Mother Nature, but we were able to strategize as a team and get the most out of our dive time! With Bimini out of the equation because of weather challenges, the stars aligned and we spent all of our dives at Tiger Beach enjoying the Tiger sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks AND Great Hammerhead and Bull sharks! It was a great couple of days out there and we’re happy to share Jeff Honda’s video from the trip! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tiger Beach Dive Trip Report

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southern stingray grand bahama island

Southern Stingray: Grand Bahama Island

Visiting the West End of Grand Bahama Island?  Check out this great little spot where you can find and interact with dozens of Southern Stingrays (Dasyatis americana).  Contact us for more info!

southern stingray grand bahama island

Southern Stingray cruises the sea bed

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amanda cotton great hammerhead night dive

Sharks of the Dark – Behind the Mask

We spent an incredible week working with the folks at Behind the Mask and A Cotton Photo during our Great Hammerhead season in Bimini. Here’s an awesome video from our night dive during the trip.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

amanda cotton great hammerhead night dive

You can learn more about our dive expeditions with the great hammerhead sharks by clicking here.  See more from Behind the Mask.

Epiphany Released

epiphany movie tiger beach cat island

Epiphany is a true story about love, autism, nature, passion, fear, determination, perseverance and making daunting choices in life. Ellen Cuylaerts, mother and award winning internationally renowned wildlife photographer, is afraid of water but sets out to conquer that fear over and over again to help the environment. Early in her marriage, Ellen — master in history and education, former Cisco engineer, and e-commerce founder — is trapped between the peculiar situation her children and husband are and the mainstream expectations of social peers. Fighting an exhausting battle, mainly against ignorance and prejudice, she finds relief in a piece of paper: the diagnosis of autism in her husband and two children. Armed with evidence and facts, she can start educating her surroundings. In search for the “key” to communicate with people affected by autism, she discovers similarities with animals in the wild. Could that key help her to navigate her loved ones through society? Will it allow her to connect to those large predators she welcomes in front of her lens?

The team at Epic Diving was proud to participate in this great production and thrilled to see the final product on the big screen.  Have a look for yourself today as it’s available for immediate download on  iTunes.

great white shark aquarium

Great White Sharks fail in aquarium captivity

Take a look at this brief but interesting look at the history of Great White Sharks in captivity.

We believe strongly that putting people face to face with live animals like this is very significant in inspiring ocean conservation and connecting people to the ocean environment. We feel like white sharks face a significant threats out in the wild and our ability to bring awareness to that is significant in terms of encouraging people to become ocean stewards.

great white shark dies
Source: Why there aren’t any great white sharks in captivity – Vox

Read about SeaWorld ending their captive orca program.

Read about Shark Fight: Scientists Complain about Rival Great White Tagging

oceanic whitetip sharks cat island bahamas shark diving

Follow the Oceanic Whitetips | Pew

Follow the Oceanic Whitetips

In July 2011, The Bahamas declared a shark sanctuary in its Exclusive Economic Zone. Two months earlier, scientists had tagged 12 oceanic whiteips around The Bahamas and created an animation that tracked the movement of three of those sharks. The scientists found that although they are highly migratory, oceanic whitetips spent most of their time within the sanctuary. Sanctuaries are an important refuge for sharks.

Learn more: http://www.pewenvironment.org/sharks.

Follow the Oceanic Whitetips

oceanic whitetips shark research group

shark attacks reunion island

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks

For decades residents of Reunion, a small French Territory in the middle of the Indian Ocean, lived in relative harmony with the surrounding ocean and its inhabitants. However, since 2011, a rise in shark attacks has forced many to come to terms with the spike in fatal encounters with sharks and turn to science to address this unexplained phenomenon

shark attacks reunion island

Read about 2016 Shark Attack Rates

shark diving

The World’s Deadliest Animal(s)

Certainly not a surprise to the shark fans out there, but this is a well done presentation.  Speaks to the the fact that sharks are misjudged and a lot of the general public as well as policy makers are playing into the media hysteria.

Check it out!

how deep is the ocean

How deep is the ocean?

Just how deep is the ocean?  It’s often hard to conceptualize the ocean’s depths. Check out this neat video animation created by Buzzfeed Blue.  Below are some interesting facts.

    • 40 meters: Recreational limit for SCUBA divers
    • 301 meters: Height of the Eiffel Tower ?
    • 500 meters: The deepest blue whales can dive ?
    • 1000 meters: Maximum depth sunlight reaches ☀️
    • 1828 meters: Lowest point of the Grand Canyon
    • 4267 meters: Average depth of the world's oceans ?
    • 8850 meters: The height of Mount Everest ?
    • 10898 meters: Depth James Cameron reached in 2012
    • 10994 meters: Depth Don Walsh & Jacques Piccard reaced in 1960
    • 11034 meters: The bottom of the Mariana Trench ?

how deep is the ocean