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Tiger Beach Video: Prawno Apparel & Dive Photo Guide

We had an awesome time during our combined Dive Photo Guide/Prawno Apparel trip to dive Tiger Beach and Bimini’s Great Hammerheads. The trip was not without challenges courtesy of Mother Nature, but we were able to strategize as a team and get the most out of our dive time!...
southern stingray grand bahama island

Southern Stingray: Grand Bahama Island

Visiting the West End of Grand Bahama Island?  Check out this great little spot where you can find and interact with dozens of Southern Stingrays (Dasyatis americana).  Contact us for more info!
amanda cotton great hammerhead night dive

Sharks of the Dark – Behind the Mask

We spent an incredible week working with the folks at Behind the Mask and A Cotton Photo during our Great Hammerhead season in Bimini. Here’s an awesome video from our night dive during the trip.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below. You can learn more about our dive...

Epiphany Released

Epiphany is a true story about love, autism, nature, passion, fear, determination, perseverance and making daunting choices in life. Ellen Cuylaerts, mother and award winning internationally renowned wildlife photographer, is afraid of water but sets out to conquer that fear over...
great white shark aquarium

Great White Sharks: In captivity

Take a look at this brief but interesting look at the history of Great White Sharks in captivity. Consult the aquarium guide to enjoy quality-oriented aquarium information and techniques. We believe strongly that putting people face to face with live animals like this is very...
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Follow the Oceanic Whitetips | Pew

Learn more: http://www.pewenvironment.org/sharks. Follow the Oceanic Whitetips
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The World’s Deadliest Animal(s)

Certainly not a surprise to the shark fans out there, but this is a well done presentation.  Speaks to the the fact that sharks are misjudged and a lot of the general public as well as policy makers are playing into the media hysteria. Check it out!
how deep is the ocean

How deep is the ocean?

Just how deep is the ocean?  It’s often hard to conceptualize the ocean’s depths. Check out this neat video animation created by Buzzfeed Blue.  Below are some interesting facts.
man vs shark infographic

Sharks! It’s a Numbers Game.

Spend 1 minute and take a look at this video below. It’s well organized PSA on the problems facing sharks, and the oceans in general. Spread the word and help shark conservation! Here’s an infographic showing the danger to sharks.