tiger shark attack

Tiger Shark Attack on Hammerhead Shark

It’s always tough to watch a shark struggle on a fishing line. But this video gives an interesting underwater look at a Tiger Shark attacking a hammerhead caught on...
2016 shark attack file

Shark Attacks in 2016 – less than usual

The number of shark attacks have dropped off significantly in 2016 compared with last year, which set a new record for most attacks in a single year. Shark attack expert...
shark attacks reunion island

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks

Read about 2016 Shark Attack Rates

As shark populations bounce back, here’s how to be safe

Now, after years of conservation efforts, shark populations are bouncing back in the Pacific Ocean. That’s leading to more run-ins like the one that took place...
north carolina shark attacks 2015

Prelim Research: North Carolina Attacks

North Carolina has been in the headlines this summer season for an unusual number of shark attacks in a short period of time. This spike occurred back in June, when there...
1916 shark hunt newspaper

1916 NJ Shark Attacks: The Aftermath

Did you miss the first article:  1916 Shark Attacks: The Real Jaws As you can imagine, news of the string of attacks sparked mass hysteria, on a national level, although...
jaws summer blockbuster

1916 Shark Attacks: The Real Jaws

Part 1/2: The Timeline & Victims The summer blockbuster of 1975, Jaws, has captivated the imaginations of people worldwide. At the same time, it’s also nurtured...