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Where have all the Great Hammerheads Gone?

The Great Hammerheads of the Bahamas have been a serious draw for shark enthusiasts for nearly a decade. These traditionally […]
tiger shark attack

Tiger Shark Attack on Hammerhead Shark

It’s always tough to watch a shark struggle on a fishing line. But this video gives an interesting underwater look […]
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Texas fisherman reels in enormous shark 10 years after it’s tagged

A Texas fisherman recently reeled in a massive 11-foot tiger shark with an attached research tag, leading to what may […]
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The Shark Fin Ban That Should Be Banned

Here’s a rather interesting and unexpected take on the proposed shark fin elimination act of 2016, currently co-sponsored by 7 […]

Shark fishing tournaments face growing pressure

There’s a really interesting article published in The Guardian about shark fishing. It goes into great detail about some of […]

Mako Shark Sport Fishing :(

The 20th annual Bahia Marina Mako Mania Tournament (Ocean City, Maryland) was held earlier this month. A total of 270 fishermen […]

Beheaded shark found in fishing cooler – Miami man arrested

A Monroe County sheriff’s deputy found this gutted and beheaded shark in a Miami man’s fishing cooler. The man was […]

Two Men Plead Guilty to Federal Shark Violations

Agents found 11 whole sharks located on the deck and a hidden compartment in the bow of the vessel that […]
great white shark killed

Viral photos of decapitated shark prompt state investigation

Authorities are seeking any information that can help lead them to the people who committed this crime. Although this was […]
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New Study examines the effects of catch-and-release fishing on sharks

It’s well known that sport fishing for sharks represents a minor threat to their preservation when compared to the commercial […]