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Shark Fins & Meat Contain High Levels of Neurotoxins

In a new study, University of Miami (UM) scientists found high concentrations of toxins linked to neurodegenerative diseases in the fins and muscles of 10 species of sharks. The research team suggests that restricting consumption of sharks can have positive health benefits for...
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Pew Applauds Expansion of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

The Pew Charitable Trusts joins partners in Hawaii and the scientific community in praising today’s announcement by President Barack Obama that the United States has expanded the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument, also known as Papahānaumokuākea, to 582,578...
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International Shark Finning Bans and Policies

Countries/jurisdictions with full or partial bans on shark finning Canada/British Columbia (1994–2012) finning bans implemented in various cities throughout Canada and British Columbia Oman (1998) sharks must be landed, transported, sold or disposed of whole South Africa (1998)...
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Shark Crimes: How DNA Helps Fight Fin Trade

“The same techniques that are used for solving crimes,” said Chapman, a Pew marine fellow, “are the exact same ones we use to solve crimes involving wildlife.” Click here for more information on Chapman’s shark work.
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Nassau Grouper: Bahamas National Tust PSA

For a downloadable PDF version of the fact sheet, visit the Bahamas National Trust’s website.
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Identifying Shark Fins

Take a look at this shark fin identification guide that was published by PEW in collaboration with Stony Brook University. Download the publication here  
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CITES Appendix II for Silky Sharks

A listing on CITES Appendix II means that the trade of that animal must be controlled in order to avoid endangerment and extinction. If the person/company/country etc cannot show proof of sustainability, then the animal cannot be traded. This, in effect, leads to their...
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Restaurants Serving Shark Fin Soup

You can click on the map below to check out the Animal Welfare Institute’s page on Restaurants serving shark fin soup. The interactive map will allow you to click on any state and see which restaurants have this on their menu. See a restaurant missing from the list? Use...